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40k is getting their own turn-based videogame
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Thread: 40k is getting their own turn-based videogame

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    40k is getting their own turn-based videogame

    Maybe WMD can get some ideas from it and make Tactics playable.


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    And how is Tactic unplayable and how it that other 40k game playable ?

    Yes, this game as faults, but except if you have other new sources, that's only a trailer and there isn't much to discuss.

    Now, if there was things to discuss, we must take into consideration that it is a Warmachine game and not a Warhammer game, so unit abilities can't be taken and pretty much everything else in-game is programming stuff that can't be taken.

    So the only things that are left to be inspired by are things like the unit painter, the glossary and distance tool.

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    If Watmachine: Tactics was still in its early access days then there might have been a discussion about how it is unplayable but in its current state it playes well. I think the facing mechanice could be bound to keys for easier use. I can see they did a lot of work to improve the game. If you have a spesific mechanic that makes the game unplayable for you please lets discuss it.

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    I like how this guy assumes that game is gonna be note worthy without even seeing any gameplay whatsoever. I like Warhammer as much as the next guy, but their IP has been tossed around like a cheap whore for quite some time now. It could be a good game, but it could also be another trash of a game with the warhammer name slapped on it.

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    Moved to the off topics. =) Not exactly WARMACHINE general discussion related yeah? Personally I am pretty curious to see how it turns out!
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    Comes out Jan 2017 it says on Steam. The xtrasize pics actually look really cool. I'm looking forward to playing.
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    Yes, this game as faults

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