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    Ebrelian's Archive

    Here will go all my musing, whatever it is actually important or not.
    Some will be made into questions, other will be held in check so that I do not as ask everything.

    A. Score for campaign performance for losing and or using less troops ? That would compensate for a single difficulty setting ? http://forums.whitemoondreams.com/sh...e-for-campaign
    I had an answer that it could be interesting, will have to wait for AI improvement.
    Campaign bug thread : http://forums.whitemoondreams.com/sh...bugs-and-error

    B. I find the state of range battle to be dire, one of the reason I actually made the Trencher post (http://forums.whitemoondreams.com/sh...ge-of-trencher),
    even if I actually got convinced of the Trencher utility, I still scratching my head for the Trencher Grenadier, since I am yet to find or see a good way to use them over the Trencher.
    Even more, with the answers from the Streams telling me that they are balanced, worthy of their point cost and that they won't change, but also that the Tactic WA model won't change, it's a stalemate of opinion.
    But with the coming of Long Gunner and Widow Maker, I will wait to see if things will changes before claiming range is nearly worthless.
    Trencher even more with the addition of Trencher Commando.
    Terrain improvement could also make the world to solve this problem without actually touching the units.

    C. Disruption, yes there was answers to my questions in the stream (since most actually are from me) but I find something is still not right,
    with Quesocito's post (http://forums.whitemoondreams.com/sh...2065#post22065) making me rethink the problem.
    And since he made a thread for the Lancer and disruption's problem : http://forums.whitemoondreams.com/sh...needs-a-rework, let have some fun.
    The disruption received from attacking the Lancer from front arc should actually matter, because when you strike with the shield, it has use since it reduces the allocatable focus, but !
    If the enemy hit you, he loses one max focus, which means that it's only relevant if he attacked when full of focus and without spending some focus on the first attack,
    because if you charged or boosted, you already used the focus that you would lose, then only losing access to that empty focus slot and having it back on your next turn, effectively doing nothing at all, but [...] (My mistake, you can actually have more than 3 stack of Disruption).

    As such, either remove that effect and buff something else or rework that defensive disruption or disruption in general.
    1. Make Disruption really Disruption, giving it to Thunderhead, Lancer and Defender; but keeping Energy Leak on Eris, Stormsmith and Stryker;
    (Highly unlikely for the Thunderhead as I actually also asked that one, but it could works since the Sustain make you wants to hit more the same target,
    yet Full Disruption would make you want to hit different target and since it requires Critical, it would need two attacks most of the time;
    I will also wait for proposed balance for Thunderhead or an answer in the thread before going and asking.)
    2. Only answer the problem and make the Lancer shield to strip all focus on attacking unit from front arc, rather than ''disruption''.

    I also await the implementation of Electromancer who have Energy Leak, will they have Energy Leak or Disruption ?

    D. Armour ignoring effects and the like and its implementation; while I also asked that question it went on about the IFP and Cinerator, which weren't what I had in mind.
    I'm actually thinking of Armor Piercing and Major Marcus ''Siege'' Brisbane and their not actually ignoring armour but instead adding damage, the result is similar, but at the same time quite different.
    1. Armour Piercing adds +3 DMG on small units and +6 DMG on medium/large units, which is quite strong, too strong I reckon. Of course, as of right now, only the Behemoth has this effect,
    but the Behemoth hit for 16 damage on other jack, thrashing them and being able to shoot, and it's also open fist (putting to sham his Apotheosis Nemesis).
    Actually making Armour Piercing ignore the armour of medium large units would be a small nerf, as only Khador's jack have 6 ARM and would not bypass ARM layer (from spell and ability), but it's not something that would make him less playable. Made a post for this part : http://forums.whitemoondreams.com/sh...2355#post22355
    Also, Hunter, Cygnar's Light Warjack would actually be better than the Defender against medium/large units, already that the Defender isn't that useful.
    2. From that thread (http://forums.whitemoondreams.com/sh...ighlight=siege), we can see that Siege's feat encourage the contrary of his TT counterpart's feat.
    In Tactic, you want to hit all units only once to maximise the damage, where on the TT, you aim to remove armoured obstacle with AoE and small attack now doing damage.
    The problem I see, it's that it is excellent to slaughter warrior units, imploding on damage, but not able to do more than dent Warjack.
    He's Siege, not the Butcher; and making electro leap a bad thing for him.
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    Questions from me and harvested in the forum

    Questions left from the previous question thread (http://forums.whitemoondreams.com/sh...Fridays-Stream).
    Questions finally : http://forums.whitemoondreams.com/sh...m-Today!/page2
    Consolidated answer thread : http://forums.whitemoondreams.com/sh...2074#post22074

    Answer from when there was QA on the stream and then otherwise, stream general information.

    From 19 February to 11 Mars
    Campaign and AI, solo player
    • Next campaign : 20 missions (10 with each sister's side)
    • .Will there be save points for the campaign ? → Absolutely going to be there for next campaign, retrofitted for the first campaign (probably need to be at turn start)
    • .Hardcore Mode? Your actions have consequences ? → Probably not, but with AI improvement, it won't be stuck on easy mode. no filthy casual
    • .Skirmish Mode AKA the Slaughterhouse, ideas on making the bots smarter ? → (not directly answer, but the answer is kinda of the same that one above)

    Units and ability
    • Trencher Grenadier, Trencher Infantry & Steelhead Rifleman : Balanced are worthy of their point cost.
    • Why do they still have ammo ? → Three ammo is quite enough
    • Why doesn't Dig In stop blocking LoS ? → Lost some power since it became a passive.
    • Will Dig In stay a sot of Camouflage ? → Yes, that's how it is.
    • What is your thought on the most efficient use of the halfjacks ? → Meant to be used to repair, but a valid tactic to not do so, mine and all.
    • Could the Thunderhead gets Critical True Disruption ? → No, highly unlikely, would be absurd. May get another buff since it's a little weak.
    • I would like to know why certain abilities can be targeted on the ground, but others can not. (Ex. Strangle gas) : To keep the spirit and as close and similar to the TT possible, however there are possible improvement.
    • Will units that are missing certain passives/abilities ever get them in a certain form ? (Errant Self-Sacrifice, Butcher's Vengeance, Severius' Convert, Butcher's Dogs) → Most ability are not working as well with the transition, and mostly balance with limited units and fun factor in mind. There are tactic specific ability.
    • Will Disruption stay Energy Leak ? → Yes, will also stay for balance reason since it would requires stormsmith FA.
    • Will armour bypassing be changed ? → Probably not, very balanced. IFG and Cinerator are fine, occasional ability. If becomes a balance issue.
    • What is the exact difference between One Handed Throw and Two Handed Throw ? → Two handed Throw is supposed to get +2 MAT and doesn't scatter from the aimed zone. (Currently a bug makes the two the same.)
    • Could Arcane Tempest be added to Ashlynn while Trencher are added to Magnus unit list ? → In consideration, but no decision taken; probably when more units are added down the line, maybe after next warrior pack.
    • UA, FA and Officer ? → Most UA were backed into the warrior; FA will not have at the moment, except for Character; Officer : Some discussion, but nothing precise.
    • What about WA and pick up ? Most WA became their own unit, but some of the charm of some of those units were the pick up option. → KHADOR DEATHSTAR ! Not probably happen, since it would not be need when you can take as many rocketeer as you want.
    • Reduce coast of WA units, add FA for them and reduce cost point ! → Not gonna happen, not the TT, but appreciate the thought.
    • FA : no FA to let people play what they want and when added it could spread fast.

    Maps, game modes and match
    • Randomness in map : Base elements are made with the possibility of addition, so weather and daytime could be done. (I was also asking about random bushes/pits/hard terrain and the such, but I presume the answer is similar.)
    • Map elements selection : Base elements also exists, possible addition for a better experience offer; Can be done more efficiently than before, but still take time. (There's also an answer about pre-select map options, but the answer is similar.)
    • .Win by Time-Out or the implementation of a Death Clock ? → With improvement to the game and matchmaking, more options are being made possible and this could be available in private match.
    • Would you consider swapping the sides on Train Yard ? : Yes, getting swapped.
    • What do you think about removing the in-game mini-map from multiplayer? : A lot of discussion, some work on it coming; removal, movable, minimize to nothingness; still in discussion.
    • .The option to end a match without loosing it ? → No for it would too easily abusable, so other game mode than fit better for that.

    Art, Modeling and Painting
    • Terminus' model rework : Open for rework, but other units in production and need PP approval
    • Extreme model painting : yes, if it's another model, which Extreme are, it'll be there to paint; but colour skin won't as it's already a custom paint.

    Incoming release
    • Next units : a warrior pack, a warcaster pack & a warjack pack slated for this year.
    • Are all of the new units in the warrior pack ? (http://forums.whitemoondreams.com/sh...-Unit-Previews!) : Yes, 12 warriors unit pack, 2 for each faction.
      • Cygnar : Trencher Commando & Long Gunner
      • Khador : Doom Reaver & Widow Maker
      • Menoth : Daugther of the Flame & Choir of Menoth
      • Cryx : Bane Thrall & Pistol Wraith
      • Retribution : Stormfall Archer & Soulless Escort (2 point unit filler)
      • Mercenary : Boomhowler Co. & Alexia Cianor
    • Other units type : Cavalry & Artillery, possible but later; unlike Colossal sized units (5x5 by TacCom mesure), too big for current maps and would cost 38 points. (While they would also obliterate warriors, they kind of do that on the TT)
    • Necrosurgeon and other campaign unit : Single player unit only, not made for multi player yet, but possible for introduction later. Haley is guaranteed.
    • When the widowmaker will be released, will it be the male or female version ? : A surprise for later reveal.

    Help, communitcation and promotion
    • .How about an online tutorial similar to PPs How to play Warmachine ? → Waiting for next patch and its improvement before looking if any can be done, want to be done but requires time. A step by step is not doable, to many pieces and possibility, but 25 points quick match will help.
    • .How far is your Streamer-Cooperation-Project ? → Contact Whitemoon Dream (or Ross directly) and things can be done.
    • .How can players support you financially besides buying the game content ? → Play, review, spread the word, get friends is the best you can do for now; more players ! (buying stuff is appreciated)
    • Does the new patch include an overhaul of the in-game chat system? : Aware of the ''current state'' and overhaul work in progress, uncertain what improvement will be in next patch.
    • .A world/lobby chat function outside of steam ? → No concept of this, looked into this but need to be built, not impossible; take some time and improving current chat first.

    • What is your favorite faction and why is it Khador? : Gabe's propaganda, as he is the Khador poster boy, but it's quite mixed.
    • And also is there any way you could make reconnecting into the game possible? : With asynchronous play it might be possible.
    • Will the forums be fixed ? → Yea that is annoying. Lets just say we are looking into it. (in forum answer)
    • Soundtrack for everyone ? → Yes ! Unlike the previous, which was KS exclusive, this will be available.
    • A query I'd have for the next q & a is in regards to the 3d hardware coming out soon. Will wm:t support the vive and its controllers? : A lot of VR testing, not that of stretch as there was a build running in Occulus; For Vive, not quite sure. (User discomfort advised)
    • Vive controller → No idea on vive, but not a fan of steam controller.

    No stream on the 18 of March
    Stream of 25 March
    • How will pre-build 25 points squad work with the introduction of newer units ? Will there be more ? Modifications ? No change ? → Rotating, but no time table,will change at least when new units come out.
    • Will there ever be 25 points tournament ? Either pre-made or custom made ? → In the future there will be.
    • Will 25 points quickmatch be two list format ? → No, single list format, but could be add if there is demand.
    • Will casual quickmatch be playable on 50 points map ? Even if on custom setting map ? → Only on the newest map in casual quickmatch, but can be played on custom match with all the maps.
    • How will tournament relate to leader board ? → Tournament are direct invite, so no relation.
    • Could leader board be improved, like a column added later if found missing ? → Customisable, so if needed.
    • Any balance change ? or is it purely system ? → System only, you can find the patch note.
    • Will two list format have a built-in option for character restriction or any other tournament restriction ? → With patch live, there is not such thing.
    • Are there plans to streamline the chat and make it more compatible with the game experience ? →
      As a matter of fact : immediately, it is a high priority; new chat legit since the current interact poorly with inputs.
      Comprehensive patch for a rework to have it coexist better with the game, steam voice chat experience also.

    Stream of 1 April
    • Rahn's bug fix make him actually playable, but some still some to come.
    • Retribution is a special faction
    • Khador the hardest to fight again (Butcher & Karchev)
    • Not new player friendly, complicated game
    • Epic Stryker : Would be cool, fun gimmick
    • Ross wants Nemo
    • Some Epic, but there is no same faction base version from them (Sturgis and Fedora)
    • New Denaghra model : Tactic model is better !
    • Dark Seduction (Next campaign) : Stay tunned next week !
    • New tournament software
    • Defeated player should stick for fun, not all tournament are to be get out on first defeat.
    • Quite smooth release for the patch size, except the awkward restart requirement for some.
    • Hand of Vecna is missing the extreme crusader ! Stay tunned to see if the situation is going be changed. → Hand of Vecna defeated me in the final, claiming the Extreme Crusader.
    • Single player challenge mission ? No yet, kickstarter campaign first to come, but AI improvement will make skirmish more fun.
    • Adding single player to multiplayer ? maybe, it takes time, but was discussed and could be done.
    • Async play will help with time constraint
    • Special scenario ? Capture the flag ? That would be fun

    No stream on 8 April
    Original ask a question thread left over answer on the forum
    • Will factions and warcaster that do not have X victory achievement get them ? - We can see about seeing which achievements are missing and work to get those in there.
    • It would be nice to have a catalog for the different maps and the game modes that are played on them so newer players don't get overwhelmed. - We will see if we can put that together.
    • Are you still against repair units to not drag the game or has the stance changed ? (implementation aside.) - Yes. Because of how WM:Tactics is played, Warjack Mechanics will not be added in the game. Technically, Darius does have halfjacks that do repair though
    • Will there be leader board season? - It is something we are working on and want to build out.
    • While Officer UA are mostly backed up in the base unit; what about Solo Officer ? (Stormblade Captain kind; not the Stormbalde Officer UA, but the Stormblade Captain Solo, which is not the UA made into a solo, but a solo that grant a buff to Stormblade in his CMD). - Since the units in WM:Tactics are more like solos than unit, right now Office UAs from the tabletop will not be added. That being said, there are certain models that have been considered. The Stormblades are set how they are right now. We are always looking to see what new units we can add to the game.

    Map questions
    • Would you consider trading the current flag in train yard for a single moshpit, similar to Swamp Bridges? or removed completely since being is means being outside the killbox ?- As we said on the steam, we are considering adding in different scenarios to maps.

    Incoming release questions
    • Will Haley be released stand alone with the campaign (at the same time) ? - She will be available in Multiplayer [...] at the same time.
    • Will there be a new Cygnar warcaster in the warcaster pack in addition to Haley? - No.
    • Is the number of units, warcaster more precisely, being not equal a concern? - We are working on releasing new units soon, its just part of the schedule. We are keeping balance in mind as we work on new releases.
    • With a unit packs coming up, is it decided which one it is for all faction ? (No need to spoil the surprise.) - We have already previewed some of the new releases that will be coming out in the next unit pack. There are lots of options though
    • How are units chosen for next release ? Most needed type ? Most interesting addition ? Most new strategy creator ? Most meta shaking ? - We have a big list of character to choose from in the tabletop. We have to consider game balance and faction balance, and also what is going into the campaign.

    Animation and skins
    • Is it possible to do an assault animation instead of merely be a range + melee ? it's a quite awkward with Trencher who reload in between. - We donít have any plans to change the current animations for that.
    • Could Siege's Rocket Canon be added on his back ? (Even if it only appear in his hand when he reaches for him.) - Even though the Tabletop miniature has the rocket on his back, in Tactics this is what we went with.
    • Would you do a monkey theme skin for halfjacks? - We have a lot of fun ideas for alternate skins.
    • Will Denaghra animations stay the same with her newer model? - Youll just have to find out!
    • You mentioned skin/paint-job trading. How far is the progress on that idea? Will there a be an option to exchange them similar to a mod in the Steam Workshop or do you have something different in mind? - We are still working on the Army Painter, so that is still up for discussion.
    • We saw that we can bang-up and paint our models the way we want... but would you mind leaving some "advanced options" in, for those who think the more options the better? - This can be brought up, as we are still working on it.
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